Applerepublic | ‘ACTA-GATE’ The Polish demonstrate against internet control
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23 Feb ‘ACTA-GATE’ The Polish demonstrate against internet control

The demonstrations in Poland could be considered the catalyst for further demonstrations and eventually the rejection of the ACTA in the EU.

Fortunately for all of us in Europe, ACTA was rejected in the European Parlament. We spoke to some key figures about the true meaning and implications of this agreement.

This is a 25-minute documentary which was filmed in Warsaw, Prague and Chmielen in April/May 2012.

Interviewees include: Katarzyna Szymielewicz, Arnon Grunberg & Jasoslaw Lypszyc.

Interviews by Natalia Laska, Phinneus Sonin and Grant Hennessy.
Camera: Bartek Kortas + Grant Hennessy.
Music: Michal Zygmunt.
Edited by Michal Tarkowski.
Directed by Grant Hennessy.
All rights reserved Apple Republic Film Productions, 2012

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