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A collaboration between a small Tasmanian community and film-makers Apple Republic Films



Portraying the final result of the 20-year revitalization of the town of Sheffield; this documentary feature film discovers the power of people challenged by an economic downturn.  The rescue-plan was invented by the community itself in two stages: Firstly, to convert Sheffield into a tourist-oriented ‘Town of Murals’, then to create a self-perpetuating working and exhibiting space based on the steam railway and the ‘big shed’ – a workshop where the preservation of industrial and agricultural heritage takes place through maintenance and inter-generational skills-transmission.

“There is a wonderful spirit you have here in Sheffield… it’s rolling up your sleeves and helping each other.  If you live in the city that’s almost been lost.”

Dick Smith at the opening of SteamFest, Sheffield, March 2015




Watch the 5-minute preview and become part of a powerful story with your company’s name in the credits of the film, gracing the film’s DVD cover, website and/or official poster.

The film will be screened in Tasmania as well as on Australian and international film festivals. The 5-minute preview of the film will be shown in Tasmanian tourist centers. The DVD and ‘Video On Demand’ release will be presented worldwide to promote sales in tourism, commercial, retail and rail-heritage hubs and their websites.

Your financial support will contribute to the Redwater Creek Steam and Historical Society who run the steam railway and SteamFest in Sheffield. (Tasmanian Tourism Award winners)




It started as the simple job of making a film about the annual SteamFest in Sheffield. We then discovered that a short film can’t portray this fascinating microcosm of people and their workshops –where time and purpose have a subjective definition – but all the community benefits. ‘Sweet Running Machines’ it’s a story of the romance between machines and people – empowering each other.”

Filmmakers: Natalia & Grant Hennessy, Apple Republic Films, Tasmania.

‘Sweet Running Machines’ serves as a tribute to the community’s achievements, capturing the setbacks and triumphs encountered in preserving the district’s industrial and agricultural heritage and turning it into a money-spinner.”

BOFA Film Festival, Launceston. World Premiere screening 7th Nov. 2015

An article in the 'Examiner' about 'Sweet Running Machines'

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